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Are you shopping for a new Hyundai vehicle near Sacramento? Then, be sure to explore our new Hyundai offers to see just how much you can save when you shop with Folsom Lake Hyundai. Whether you plan on leasing or financing, you’ll find plenty of new Hyundai incentives to help you save on the model you’ve been dreaming of. Take a moment to learn about the differences between leasing and financing. Then, apply for pre-approval and contact us to arrange a test drive in Folsom!

Leasing vs. Financing New Hyundai Incentives

As you explore our new Hyundai specials, you’ll find new Hyundai offers for both leasing and financing. If it’s been a while since reviewed the differences between these two financial paths, take a moment to compare their advantages below:

  • Leasing: When you lease new Hyundai offers, you’ll make lower monthly payments, pay less sales tax, and you’ll need to raise a very large down payment, if any. When it comes time to return your lease, you have the flexibility to renew, swap, terminate, or finance the remaining value of your lease.
  • Financing: When you finance, you’ll need to make larger monthly payments and put more money down, since your loan covers the full value of the vehicle. That said, you can sell your vehicle at any time and recoup funds from the sale! This is the most cost-effective strategy, but it requires more work along the way.

Test Drive our New Hyundai Offers Near El Dorado Hills

Now that you’ve explored the differences between leasing and financing our new Hyundai incentives, call Folsom Lake Hyundai at (279) 215-0166 and arrange to test drive our new Hyundai specials! We’ll help you find the perfect option for your budget! While you’re here, be sure to explore our Hyundai research guides for helpful reads! We look forward to helping you find a great deal on your next Hyundai!